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Kelpies and Fairies

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Scotland holds many cultures, far more than I knew before moving here.  My understanding of Scottish life and people was more influenced by Mike Myers (So I Married an Axe Murderer) and WarnerBrothers (Scrooge MacDuck) than by anything in reality (sorry Scotland). The cultures of Scotland have been blending and re-blending for uncountable generations with the stories and traits of the Norse and Vikings, Celts, Britons, Picts, French and who knows what else coming together to create new and wonderful combinations.

Recently, I spent some time with the Kelpies and the Fairies.  Not literally, sadly (cuz how cool would that be!) but with their cultural and landscape impressions.  The Kelpies are now most visible in their sculptural form.  Two wild horses soaring out of the ground to challenge the sky. A stunning achievement.  As for the fairies, well, I spent a few days on the Isle of Skye with the family, and we got to visit the Fairy Pools - natural rock-carvings made by centuries of water rushing across the land.  But wherever you turn in this country, whether it is in the art or the landscape, you can't help but feel the ancient stories pushing their way forward, longing to be told, to be heard.

Above...the Kelpies.

The landscape of (mostly) the Isle of Skye.  The Fairy Pools are the three waterfall focused images about halfway through.