thomas brauer photography

Thomas Brauer  priestographer

I am an Anglican Priest, from Canada.  I am currently serving in the Scottish Episcopal Church as priest-in-charge of a group of 3 congregations in Central Fife.

I am a photographer.  I make images of the world as God made it, and what humans have made of it.  

I am a learner.  I am currently researching the place of truth, perception and experience in photography for religious contexts.  This research is part of a PhD program through the University of St. Andrews, and the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts.


this photo was made by my 3 year old son, Joshua.  

The penguin was his idea.

The Images

The images included in FiatPixel are made, not taken.  The images are intended to lead to contemplation, and to spark the imagination to go deeper than the surface of the image.