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What Fiat Pixel is all about...

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Well, hello there.

So, we're making a fresh start now, and seeing if I can't keep a more regular schedule of posting.

The purpose of Fiat Pixel is to discuss digital art and the Christian faith.  Now, I'm sure you're wondering what 'digital art' is.  Well, I define it as any form of creative expression that uses computers, or computerized machines as tools in the creative process.  This is a very broad definition, and it is intentionally so, as by this definition we will have a greater scope for discussion.

In these early days of Fiat Pixel's life, we will discuss primarily photography, digital painting, and the combination of the two, often referred to as photo illustration.  Why these three art forms?  Because they're the three that I paricipate in most myself, and the three of which I am most familiar.  However, assuming anybody other than myself actually reads this, with time, others of greater experience in other art forms will come along, and so our discussions will broaden.

Blessings on you all,

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